The long awaited video of our Tokyo photo adventure is finally here. Watch Bellamy Hunt of Japan Camera Hunter fame take us on a photo walk through the inner streets of Tokyo. Also featured, is a glimpse into our exclusive meeting with Japan's father of street photography Daido Moriyama. Hope you like this.

8x8 street photography event in bangkok

If you love street photography, then come to Bangkok in April and join the modern masters of photography in our inaugural event. This unique event will feature 8 renowned street photographers (both in camera and mobile formats) to lead a group of 8 participants to hit the streets of Bangkok to capture the life, colour and culture of Thailand. Besides a valuable review and critic session after the photo walk, the 8x8 Street Photography Event will also showcase a photo exhibition, photo bookstore and above all, inspiring talks by Bellamy Hunt (Japan Camera Hunter), Take Kayo (Big Head Taco) and many more. Stay tuned for more details and registration dates.

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hongkong: a video exclusive

In the recent event in Hong Kong, Monogram Asia collaborated with Arcade Original and Big Head Taco to produce a series of videos to highlight individuals, brands, and entrepreneurs who share the love for photography. Our host Take Kayo does a great job in delving into their passion, insights and inspiration in the world of photography. Check out also an exclusive interview with Michael Kenna, the master in long exposure and landscape photography.