7D/6N  -  hokkaido. kenna's winter tales.  -  march 2018

Trace the elusive footprints of the master of long-exposure. Experience the best kept secrets of Hokkaido with the maestro’s guide. 

Michael Kenna, guru of landscape, long-exposure, and black-and-white photography found the magic in snowy Hokkaido many years ago. Now, here’s your chance to retrace the journey of his intense study with his trusted guide.

On this Monogram Asia tour, we’ll cover the highlights of Kenna’s spots, and then some. Observe Kurosawa trees standing tall in the cold. Spot the stoic lighthouse fence at Cape Notoro. We’ll take some time at Abashiri, where you’ll find the coast line that’s full of drift ice. You wouldn’t want to miss the marvel that is the frozen Oshinkoshin waterfalls, or beautiful lake Kussharo that freezes on the surface in winter. For some wintry lifeform, we’ll also be paying a visit to Sunayu and Akan for some close-up time with the gorgeous swans and endangered tancho cranes. And when we stop by Teshikaga, there may be a familiar sight for the true blue Kenro fans—the hillside fence. With sunset stops nearly every day, it’ll be hard to leave nature’s masterpiece that is Hokkaido.