9D/8N  -  THE CUBAN AFFAIR  -  may 2017

With Cuba’s doors now open, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to capture the seductive life behind the billowing curtains of cigar smoke.

For street portraiture aficionados, Cuba will be one sweet spot.

Lonely Planet describes its capital city Havana as such: “…busy atmospheric streets, the snapshots of lives lived out in the open, and the unmistakeable aromas: tropical papaya mixed with tobacco leaf, petrol and musty carpets.” And that makes up just one part of the tour we’ve planned for you at Monogram Asia.

Explore the heritage lanes for appearances of Spanish guitar-wielding troubadours playing against the backdrop of colourful colonial buildings, then sidle up to Trinidad, known fondly as Cuba’s outdoor museum, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, probably the only one that comes with snorting donkeys. See Havana while riding in a vintage American car that’s part of the local lifestyle. Indulge your inner voyeur during the visit to the tobacco farmers. From up-close portraits of professional ballet dancers (known as the Havana Queens) to raw, dizzying takes of young and not-so-young partygoers at Casa de la Musica (house of Music), you’ll be so spoilt for choice, you may need to sit down by the cobblestone pavements with a Cuban cigar in hand afterwards. And well you should.