welcome to monogram asia

If you're a photographer looking to meet, share, and learn from some of today's masters of the lenses, we hope you'll find a home here. And it doesn't matter if you're a novice, dabbler, or professional; this community does not discriminate. Although, as you can probably tell by our name, we do have a soft spot for Asian landscapes and rising asian Talent. 


monogram asia EVENTS in 2016/17

Monogram Asia offers a variety of photography-centric services and activities which include signature photo travel tours; planning and organising of talks, lectures and workshops; and setting up of pop-up bookstores that feature photography magazines and books plus camera accessories and bags. you might even spot some limited edition and autographed books on the shelves.


Monogram Asia works closely with brands, groups, and individuals who share the passion for photography. From camera devices and accessories to gallery owners, from cafe startups to established bookshops, from luxury travel operators to local college photo clubs, we'd love to collaborate to make this photography eco-system work in tandem to serve all.

For more enquiries, information or business collaborations, please email to info@monogramasia.com